Identifying Addiction Triggers

Identifying Addiction Triggers - trigger - summit bhcA Personal Story:

You would think that after 33 years of drinking, it would be easy to identify addiction triggers.

Alcohol–vodka–was my poison, part of daily life. If something great happened, I celebrated with vodka. If something difficult happened, I took the edge off with vodka. Alcohol was so much a part of daily life that I didn’t realize my drinking was caused by triggers. I just did it.

After almost three years in a 12-step program, I can finally see the triggers. I can see that vodka was not the problem for me: it was the solution. Through working the 12 steps, I have discovered that my inability to cope drove me to abuse alcohol as well as other substances. Today, I can see ads on TV for alcohol or go to a bar without any problem. I can be around family and friends who drink. I have been delivered from my obsession to drink.

That said, it remains important for me to be aware of my addiction triggers.

When I am not in a spiritually fit condition, the thought of a drink can creep in. When something in everyday life throws a curveball, the idea of a drink can creep in. When I am trying to accomplish something or hit a goal, and the outcome is not as I desire, the thought of a drink can creep in. What triggers addiction for me today is not vodka; it’s how I interact with the world.

Knowing that the substance itself is not the issue, I take action to make sure I stay as spiritually fit as I can. I keep my daily prayer life active. That way, when life happens (as it tends to do), I am prepared to cope with it. When I keep God front and center in my life, I can dodge the bullets when the trigger is released.

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