Honesty in recovery is essential for long-term sobriety.

importance of honesty in recovery - mother and daughter talking - summit bhcAddiction can change a person. People suffering from addiction often lie and manipulate to get the substances they have become physically and psychologically dependent on. They lie about how much they use, what they use, when they use, where they use, and why they use. They lie to their closest loved ones, to their employers, and to themselves.

Sobriety requires a major life change, and the first requirement is being honest with oneself and others. 

Lying can become a habit, so part of addiction recovery is re-learning how to relate to oneself and to others. It’s learning how to catch the lies we often tell ourselves about what we need, what we want, and how we feel. It’s learning how to communicate with people about our needs, how to not be afraid to set boundaries and say no, how to see beneath the surface of ourselves and others to our true motivations and desires.

Honesty gives you a voice to express your true feelings in a way that creates connection with yourself and others.

When you aren’t true to yourself, you become uncomfortable and discontent. These feelings can lead to cravings and to relapse. Honesty can help rebuild the many relationships addiction may have destroyed.

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