recovering from alcohol abuse - alcoholism wrecking ball - summit bhcRecovering from alcohol abuse takes more than a desire to stop drinking.

For best results, recovery begins with professional detox. A medical team supervises the period of withdrawal from alcohol to mitigate discomfort and guard against potentially severe or deadly withdrawal symptoms. But recovery takes more than detox.

Following detox with long-term treatment in the form of residential or outpatient treatment (or a combination of both) is required for best results. Treatment from an accredited facility typically includes intensive individual and group therapy, addiction education, relapse prevention strategies, nutritional and physical therapy, and holistic therapy.

But recovery takes more than detox and treatment. It takes long-term support, along with determination, an open mind, and hard work. Alcoholics Anonymous has proven to be the number one fellowship around the world that provides a long-term support system for those living in addiction recovery.

Recovering from alcohol addiction is a life-long choice. There is no finish line; staying sober is taken one day at a time – sometimes one hour at a time, for the rest of one’s life.

The first step in recovering from alcohol abuse is to admit you have a problem.

Know that you are not alone and that recovering from addiction is possible. Everyone deserves a happy, joyous and free life.

Contact us today if you or your loved one is ready to reach out for help. We can start you on the road to recovery.