signs of substance abuse - substance abuse sign - summit bhcWith so many different substances available, the signs and symptoms of drug abuse can vary.  If you are concerned about a family member or suspect substance abuse by a loved one, you can look for changes in behavior, moods, and appearance.

Behavioral signs of substance abuse include:

  • Secretive behavior
  • Poor attendance at work or school
  • Abrupt change in friends or associates
  • Sudden and unexplained need for money
  • Trouble with authority, rules, and laws

Psychological changes that affect emotions and mood can include:

  • Swift mood swings, angry outbursts, or irritability
  • Personality and attitude changes
  • Unexpected lack of motivation
  • Periods of hyperactivity or unusual sleeping patterns

Often times, the physical signs and symptoms of substance abuse are the most glaring.  These signs can include, but certainly are not limited to:

  • Red/bloodshot eyes
  • Significantly large or small pupils
  • Drastic and sudden weight loss/gain
  • Poor grooming habits
  • Unusual odor on clothing, skin, or breath
  • Noteworthy changes in skin/teeth
  • Noticeable alterations in speech (impairment)

If you are concerned about the possible signs of substance abuse in a loved one, you are not alone.  One thing you can do is educate yourself about the disease of addiction and learn how you can get help for yourself, if necessary.

Addiction is often called a family disease.  We are all affected.  Fortunately, there are many avenues of help available for you and your family.

Contact us today about getting your loved one started on the road to recovery.