Franklin, TN – March 7, 2023 – Summit BHC (“Summit”), a leading national provider of behavioral health and addiction treatment services headquartered in Franklin, has promoted Daniel Krasner and Kim Brady to key leadership positions within the company and has announced two new additions to the management team.

“Hiring and promoting the right talent is a critical element of Summit’s continued growth and success,” said Brent Turner, CEO of Summit BHC. “These leaders have consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the communities we serve, and their expertise is essential to our organization. We are proud of the leadership team we’ve assembled and look forward to their continued contributions to improve the lives we touch.”

Daniel Krasner has been named Chief Marketing Officer for Summit, after previously serving as the Executive Vice President of Business Development. During his tenure, Krasner spearheaded several successful business development initiatives, including the growth of the alumni department, and the veteran services department. In his new role as CMO, Krasner will lead and implement Summit’s overall marketing strategy, with a focus on continuing the company’s growth trajectory and increasing its visibility in the marketplace.

Kim Brady has been named Chief Human Resources Officer for Summit. In her previous role as Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Brady expanded the Human Resources department to support the rapid growth of the company. Brady led the selection and recent implementation of a new human resource management and payroll system, which has streamlined processes and improved employee satisfaction. Brady will continue to oversee the growth and development of the Human Resources department, ensuring that Summit attracts and retains top talent.

Summit has also recruited John Flanagan and Jeanne Sands to the leadership team.

John Flanagan, Vice President of Development, joined Summit in December 2022. Flanagan brings leadership in strategy, planning, and growth guidance for substance use disorder initiatives. He has more than 30 years of experience in developing and expanding behavioral health systems and networks, as well as opening new inpatient facilities and outpatient programs with a national footprint. Above all, Flanagan recognizes Summit’s commitment to deliver quality, evidence-based treatment, and care to the communities we serve.

Jeanne Sands also joined Summit in December 2022 and serves as the Chief Information Officer. She has developed leading healthcare technology solutions and has assembled high-performing teams for more than 20 years. Most recently, Sands served a large health system delivering key digital, EHR, imaging, and system strategies while improving the patient and clinician experience. She was also key in responding to the technology challenges raised by COVID in healthcare settings. She leads by example, anticipating future needs, focusing on the future, and governing the present.

About Summit

Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee and founded in 2013, Summit’s mission is to develop and operate a network of leading behavioral health hospitals and addiction treatment centers throughout the country while improving all the lives we touch. The Company’s primary focus is on the provision of psychiatric services and substance use disorder treatment within a flexible, compassionate, and dynamic continuum of care. The leadership team at Summit is composed of senior executives with decades of combined experience in the behavioral healthcare industry at the national level. The Company currently owns and operates 33 freestanding facilities nationwide.

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