Alcoholism does not just happen. It builds over time. If you are concerned that you or a loved one might be addicted to alcohol, the warning signs below can help you assess the situation.

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1. Consequences

One of the warning signs of alcoholism is that drinking has become the source of negative consequences. Perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in problems with the authorities. If you are continuously getting arrested because of your drinking, yet your alcohol consumption is not dwindling, you may be exhibiting signs of alcoholism.

You may also notice consequences at home, school, or work. If your drinking keeps you from completing assignments, attending family functions, or fulfilling your responsibilities, your use has certainly become problematic, and you may be on your way to a substance use disorder.

2. Unable to Quit

If you have tried to quit drinking on your own, but have found that you cannot, you probably have a substance use disorder. Many people associate alcoholism and alcohol abuse only with people who drink in the morning. Though this can be an indicator of alcoholic drinking, it is not the only sign. When you have made an honest attempt to cut back or abstain totally from alcohol, and have been unsuccessful, this is a sign that your body has become dependent on the alcohol. Addiction closely follows dependence.

3. Destroyed Relationships

The third warning sign of alcoholism is that you have destroyed relationships around you because of your drinking. If people no longer want to be around you because of your behavior while intoxicated, your drinking may have reached the point of alcoholism. An example of this can be if you have recently been separated, divorced, or broken up with because you cannot cut back or stop drinking.

4. Priorities Change

The fourth warning sign of alcoholism is that you have lost things that were once important to you. For instance, if you have had your home foreclosed, been evicted from your apartment, or have lost your vehicle because drinking supersedes making payments, you might be suffering from addiction.  When you are addicted, nothing else seems to matter except getting the next drink.

5. Decline in Health

The fifth warning sign of alcoholism is if you have been or continue to be hospitalized because of your drinking. People addicted to alcohol have little regard for their personal well-being during active drinking and may take unnecessary risks. This is not normal behavior and can be an indicator that your alcohol consumption has passed the stage of binge drinking and is now full-fledged alcoholic drinking.

If you or someone you love is displaying some of these warning signs, it is important to seek professional help. Contact us today. Left untreated, addiction will rapidly pile on consequences.