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The 12-step principles are based on a spiritual program of recovery.

Each of the 12-steps has a spiritual principle behind it. The purpose of a 12-step program is obviously geared toward overcoming addiction. The principles behind the steps are geared toward living day-to-day without the need for your drug of choice.

There is an old adage that says, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” The 12-step principles have given me a foundation to approach life with a guide to lead me.

For me, working through the 12-steps allowed me a freedom from the life I once knew.

12-Step Principles - chartI was not really expecting to find freedom when I started, but I see today that the freedom has come from these principles. Before I began the 12-steps, was I honest? Sure I was, when it benefited me. Did I have faith? Sure I did, when I was backed in a corner and saw no way out. Was I responsible? Sure I was, when I had a job and paid my bills. Was I of service to others? Sure I was, when it was convenient to be involved in charity work or help out friends in need.

The 12-step principles helped me delve deeper into all areas of my life to show me that my true lack of regard for myself and others was the root of my issues. Everything I did was in some form or fashion going to benefit me. It was almost like driving with a dirty windshield. I could see well enough to navigate, but my vision was always muddied up with the core problem: me.

Today, honesty is admitting I am alcoholic. I accept that for the 100% truth that it is. I have no control over that.

I have found true hope in life that there is a God who loves me and cares for me and has removed my desire and obsession to drink. The faith I have today comes from surrender to God. Not only do I not have control over alcoholism, I have no control over anything outside of the choices I make.

The courage that is instilled deep inside of me knows that my past is my past and it is not my present. I found true trust and respect in a sponsor who has guided me through this process. I am willing to look at my humanity and know that God can take care of that as well. I take full responsibility for my past and have made the efforts to right the wrongs I have done to others.

Perseverance, for me, is the daily ability to look at my humanity and keep things on the straight and narrow.

All of these are equal parts of the whole spiritual life I strive to live. My service to mankind is to live out these principles to the best of my ability and to help the next person find the freedom I have been given.

The 12-step principles are truly my road map to life today.

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