binge drinking and addiction - drinking alcohol - summit bhcThere is a fine line between binge drinking and addiction.

We tend to have an image of an alcoholic as someone who drinks every day, drinks in the mornings, and is more often drunk than not. Someone who binge drinks on the weekends but who can control their drinking during the week isn’t an alcoholic, right? The reality is that alcoholism affects people of all habits, personalities, ethnicities, incomes, and genders…alcohol and addiction do not discriminate. And binge drinking and addiction are closely connected because both involve a compulsion to drink that is outside of the person’s control–and both lead to progressively negative consequences.

If you have tried to limit yourself to a certain number of drinks and have found that you are unable to stop when you want to, you might have crossed the threshold of binge drinking and into addiction.

If you have gone into a bar or club and said you were going to stop at a certain time nut were unable to do so, you might be alcoholic. If you are unsure, you can certainly try these tests for yourself. Those who are not alcoholic are able to stop after a certain point and not obsessively crave that next drink. If you have decided to stop after a certain number of drinks but find yourself extremely uncomfortable and frustrated, you might suffering from addiction.

Fortunately, the sooner you recognize a potential problem and seek help, the easier it will be to begin your journey to recovery. If you think you are walking the tightrope between binge drinking and addiction, reach out to an accredited treatment facility where they can help you understand your situation and get the help you need.

Contact us today if you or your loved one is ready to reach out for help. We can start you on the road to recovery.