If you have received a DUI or DWI, you have already discovered some of the legal and financial consequences of your actions. Was this a one-time mistake, or could it be a sign of an addiction in your life? You probably have received some addiction knowledge from the court system. While a DUI or DWI alone is not proof of addiction, it is definitely an early warning to be taken seriously.

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Some drivers may be able to adjust their habits after receiving a DUI or DWI and never drive impaired again. But if you find you cannot stop using substances or driving under the influence, even after you have made promises to yourself and others, it might be a sign of a substance use disorder. The time to get help is now. Early intervention in substance dependence and addiction can improve the quality of your life and help you avoid any future consequences.

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If you find yourself wanting to get behind the wheel after being impaired again, you are probably on your way to another DUI or DWI. One positive aspect of receiving a DUI or DWI is that it might function as a wake-up call and prompt you to get help. Addiction is progressive, and so are its consequences. Jail time and a suspended license are not effective tools to help you recover from an addiction. Seek help now for an addiction to any substance before getting behind the wheel of a car again. Take the time today to get answers to any questions you may have about DUI and DWI in connection to addiction.


If someone you love is struggling with addiction or alcoholism, or has experienced a consequence that may be a sign of addiction, we can help. Please contact us anytime.