When beginning a new life in sobriety, include healthy coping mechanisms to aid your recovery.

healthy coping mechanisms to aid your recovery - summit BHC - meditationSometimes it be hard to imagine using healthy alternatives for coping with difficult situations, especially when a person is accustomed to turning to mind-altering substances. But everyone needs help sometimes to face life’s challenges. Everyone has bad days, no matter how much they try to do everything “right.”

The more you practice turning to healthy coping alternatives, the easier it becomes. Soon, you will prefer the new way to the old way, and what seemed like a big challenge in the past might seem like less of a big deal now.

One healthy coping mechanism to aid your recovery is social interactions. Get involved with people who understand your situation. A 12 step program of recovery is easy to find in almost any location. It gives you a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself. There is much fun to be had in sobriety, and if you stick around the rooms of AA, NA, or other recovery program, you can surely find this out for yourself.

Other healthy coping mechanisms include physical fitness and wellness.

People in active addiction tend to ignore their health. After clearing the mind and body in treatment, it’s important to start taking care of the body. Physical activity releases natural endorphins, which are great stress relievers. This can reduce your overall anxiety and increase your health. Physical fitness is probably one of the simplest and most healthy coping mechanisms to aid your recovery.

Meditation is another of the healthy coping mechanisms to aid your recovery and is easier to do than you might think. Some people have the preconceived notion that meditation involves candles, humming, incense, and sitting uncomfortably on the floor. While this may work for many, it does not have to necessarily be the form of meditation you choose. Outdoor activity, walking the dogs, and journaling can provide meditative opportunities.

Active participation in your sober community along with healthy coping mechanisms can aid your recovery tremendously.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, please contact us today. We are here to help.