holistic addiction treatment - heart rocks - summit bhcHolistic treatment meets the needs of body, mind, and spirit. It can include EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), equine therapy, massage, and much more.

Dr. Lucy R. Waletsky and Marsha J. Handel, MLS, are both proponents of holistic treatment. In their article, Holistic Approach to the Addiction Recovery Process, both agree that holistic treatment is most effective when “combined with total abstinence, a 12-step program and other addiction recovery resources.” One of the most common holistic treatment techniques is acupuncture, which targets a specific pressure point on the body. This can reduce withdrawal symptoms and discomfort of detox, along with “reducing anxiety, craving, irritability, the inability to focus, and muscle aches.”

Biofeedback and brainwave feedback are also tools used in holistic treatment.

Biofeedback helps reduce anxiety in people suffering with addiction. Extreme sensitivity to anxiety is one of the most common problems in early recovery and can also make detox feel worse. Lowering blood pressure, reducing tension, and slowing the heart rate are positive outcomes when biofeedback instruments are used. Exercise and yoga are also holistic addiction treatment tools. Exercise releases positive endorphins and increases overall mood. Yoga improves circulation, increases mind-body awareness, and trains the mind to be remain calm.

Other extremely effective holistic addiction treatment techniques are meditation, creative expression, and proper nutrition.

During addiction, the body is starved of proper nutrients. Proper nutrition can help regenerate, rejuvenate, and rebuild damaged cells. Meditation helps in slowing down the heart rate, focusing on breathing, and developing mindfulness. Working creatively through writing, art, or music can help build confidence and help a person address issues that are difficult to talk about. Along with clinical support, holistic addiction treatment can create a well-rounded recovery.

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