reasons sobriety is awesome - friends laughing - summit bhcMany positive things occur with sobriety. Here are five of them. We hope they inspire and encourage you in your recovery!

1. Freedom! Once you decide to get treatment to overcome your addiction, you free yourself from its shackles. In addiction, the substance controls your actions. Physical  and psychological dependence on it can lead to behavior that you would never consider if you were in control of your actions.

2. Aliveness! The ability to start living life instead of just muddling through it is one of the gifts of recovery. You’ll begin to discover a new purpose for living that doesn’t revolve around obtaining the next high. With clarity and self-awareness, you’ll be able to appreciate life and the people around you much more fully.

3. No more shame!  Life is not perfect in sobriety, but having a clear head can help you live in a way that makes you proud of yourself–and allows you to love and accept yourself even when you make mistakes. You can look back on your life in addiction and see that all of the shame you felt was not deserved. You can forgive yourself and forgive others more easily.

4. Self-discovery! Sobriety allows you to start doing the things you always said you wanted to do. Maybe that means go to college, or have healthy relationships, or learn to cook, or go to more concerts–whatever it may be, you get to experience so much more when you are not bogged down with drugs and alcohol.

5. More self-care! When you are sober, you have the tools you need to care for yourself–your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. You have the capacity to set a routine for yourself that includes healthy habits and time for relationships.

We can talk about many more awesome gifts that come with sobriety, but you can see for yourself if you’re ready to make a change.


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