rise of synthetic drugs - taking drugs at party - summit bhcIllicit drugs that come from natural sources are extremely dangerous, and now a new danger is on the rise: synthetic drugs.

Synthetic drugs contain chemical substances artificially manufactured to mimic the effects of drugs like cannabis, cocaine, and heroin. Spice (synthetic marijuana), methamphetamine, ecstasy, and bath salts (synthetic cocaine) are examples of synthetic drugs. Trends show that spice and bath salts are the most popular, easily accessible, and exceptionally dangerous.

The rise of synthetic drugs can be explained in 3 points:

  1. Synthetic drugs fall in a ‘grey area’ within the legal system. States cannot keep up with the variety of chemical compounds being manufactured at such rapid rates, so lawmakers are finding it difficult to pass all-encompassing legislation that makes these new drugs fully illegal.
  2. Synthetic drugs are easily accessible. Consumers can purchase these synthetic drugs at gas stations, convenience stores, smoke shops, and even through the internet. One may think that if a convenience store sells it, it must be harmless. Wrong – these drugs are far from harmless.
  3. Synthetic drugs cost less to manufacture, making them more affordable on the streets. This makes the rise of synthetic drugs a big business.

Lack of legislation, easy accessibility, and low cost have contributed to the rise of synthetic drugs.

Let’s also remember that they are extremely dangerous for these reasons:

  1. Consumers have no idea what chemicals they are actually ingesting.
  2. Synthetic drugs have not been tested in humans.
  3. We have no information on how long these drugs stay in the body, how they are metabolized, or what the long-term physical and psychological effects are.

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