traumatic experiences and substance abuse - woman mourning at grave - summit bhcResearch shows a direct link between traumatic experiences and substance abuse.

Traumatic experiences can include accidents, loss of loved ones, natural disasters; they can include military combat; they can include abuse of all kinds; they can include cumulative trauma that builds up over generations in groups of people subject to horrors of war, genocide, racism, and more.

The brain can have a difficult time processing trauma, and sometimes it rewires itself in response to the traumatic situation. According to Whole Wellness Therapy, “Trauma can cause your brain to remain in a state of hypervigilance, suppressing your memory and impulse control and trapping you in a constant state of strong emotional reactivity.”

If you or someone you love was hurt as a child, and as a result have turned to drugs or alcohol as a means to cope, you are not alone. There is help available, and in recovery you will find that many people have been through similar situations.

You no longer have to carry this burden by yourself.

Professional treatment can help you discover and practice new, healthy ways to cope. You do not have to continue to let your traumatic experiences and substance abuse run your life.

If we use drugs and alcohol to numb our pain, we are potentially prolonging the trauma. This is like keeping a wound open and not allowing it to properly heal. Traumatic experiences and substance abuse can dominate your life. When you decide that you don’t want to allow anything to have control or power over you anymore, reach out to an accredited treatment facility. They can guide you through whatever is causing you pain and help you begin your journey to a sober, healthy future.

Contact us today and let our team of professionals at our many treatment centers help you or your loved one find freedom from substance abuse.